Formula 1 Season Of McLaren Mercedes

McLaren Mercedes was the only formula one team to pair two f1 world champions for 2010 season. But still the team ended season with open hands.
The McLaren team’s decision to pair them worked nicely, at least in case of drivers, but the team faced difficult time while trying to keep pace with Red Bull and Ferrari. At the start of the season team came with innovated and dubbed f-duct and no surprisingly they stole the early season show. This helped their drivers, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, to grab shared four wins in first half of the season. All this way, Jenson proved his team spirit while pairing with Lewis. In case of Hamilton, he had enjoyed excellent reliability in his first three seasons with the team, but this season he retired from the top four positions with car problems twice and had a double gearbox glitches in Suzuka.
For Jenson Buton, he switched fron title winning Brawn gp with a World Championship crown to Mclaren, he had only one race ending mechanical failure at Monte- Carlo and it was the result of a mechanic leaving a cover on an air intake. He was frustrated by a faulty dashboard in Spain as well.
But the team’s development path led them into trouble. The plan to add an exhaust blown diffuser at Silverstone was aborted and in the later races they simply couldn’t match the race pace of Red Bull and Ferrari.
Both the drivers committed unforced and costly errors while trying to snatch points from rivals during later half of the season. Though hamilton stayed in top four as a championship contender the teams developement programe pushed him back.
Mclaren is powered with Mercedes engines but the Mercedes was way behind in comparison to Mclaren’s developements. It will be nice to see the battle between them in 2011.



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4 responses to “Formula 1 Season Of McLaren Mercedes

  1. J. patricia

    thats a tale of mclaren, bt hails there team spirit, at the end u hv to relie on team developements and mclaren’s d’ment program didnt went as scheduled, bt y the comparison wid engine provider?

  2. f1addict

    I dont think mclarens season was so bad or even any other top teams, it was just cutting edge decign of Newey and regular car developement which put red bull way ahead

  3. dats true, red bull used their technological developements nicely, but at some point other teams failed to introduce their technology, even drivers made invitable mistakes

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