FIA’s Changes In 2011 Technical Rules

Team mechanics in 2011 will be
barred from working all night on
formula one cars before practice
The new rule emerged as, late
on Monday, the FIA published
the full sporting and technical
regulations for next season.
The mechanics curfew will
apply to team personnel
“associated in any way with
the operation of the cars”
between midnight to 6am when
practice is due to start at 10am,
or 1am to 7am if practice is
scheduled for 11am.
“However, each team will be
permitted four individual
exceptions to the above during a
championship season,” the FIA
Another new rule for 2011
relates to driving standards,
probably inspired by Michael
Schumacher’s controversial move
on Rubens Barrichello in
Hungary this year.
“Manoeuvres liable to hinder
other drivers, such as more than
one change of direction to
defend a position, deliberate
crowding of a car beyond the
edge of the track or any other
abnormal change of direction,
are not permitted,” said the FIA.
Stewards also have new powers
to penalise drivers, including by
imposing a one-race ban.
The one-gearbox-per-four-races
rule has been toughened to five
races in 2011, with one penalty-
free gearbox change per driver
Meanwhile, the race director has
been given the power to close
the pit entry during races “for
safety reasons”.


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