Mercedes Pit Crew Fastest In Pits

The Mercedes GP failed to field the best car in 2010 but Mercedes’ pit crew was the fastest in pitlane. An analysis by Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport showed that the team was at its best making Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg faster in pitstops than any rival outfit.

FIA imposed refuelling ban for 2010 season which resulted in more focus on speed of pit crew’s tyre changes.

The fastest pit stop for any driver during 2010 season was 2.9 seconds for Sebastian Vettel achieved by the Red Bull crew at Monza. But overall, Mercedes’ was the fastest crew for no less than 8 times in Malaysia, Turkey, Germany, China, Spain, Monaco, Britain and Belgium.
The second best was Red Bull, they achieved fastest stop of season but failed to get same on several places. They were best in Bahrain, Australia, Hungary, Italy and Abu Dhabi.
Ferrari’s pit crew was best than others for 3 times, and Sauber was best in Korea and Brazil.
Mclaren achieved only one fastest stop this season, in Japan.

The Mercedes team achieved fastest stops with their fully automatic ‘traffic light’ system which is up to half a second faster than using a traditional ‘lollipop man’. Whereas Red Bull selected its key tyre changers after a series of tests and training sessions last winter, and the lollipop holder was chosen after winning a psychological exam.

Lotus enjoyed bottom place with 5 slowest pitstops of the season, followed by 4 for HRT and Renault.


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  1. sridhar

    Thats a commendable job by the mercedes team crew. This is what makes a winning team.

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