Statastically Vettel deserved the Championship

As par F1 statastics Sebastian Vettel is the deserving world champion of 2010. Many of us have said he made too many mistakes and inherited the title due to Ferrari’s strategy blunder in Abu Dhabi, an analysis by Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport shows he was the standout performer of the season.
Vettel, tied with Fernando Alonso, got the most number of race victories (5). Also, Vettel was the best qualifier of 2010, with 10 poles in 19 races, his teammate Mark Webber placed second with 5.
In 2010 Vettel’s average grid position was 1.95, Webber’s 2.79 while Alonso’s average grid position was just 5.79.
Both the Red Bulls dominated qualifying this season but the analysis of Vettel’s practice times in 19 races was better than that of Webber’s with almost 0.051 second per lap.
Also he was leading the laps during races for more than 2000 kilometres, Webber placed second with 1500km only, Alonso ranked only fourth in this category, splitting the two McLarens.
But for the fastest laps during races, Vettel stood third with just 3, Alonso and Lewis Hamilton’s got 5.
Alonso completed the most number of laps out of all possible laps through 19 events showing the reliability of Ferrari, here, Vettel stood third behind 7 time world champion Schumacher.


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