Schumacher spoke about problems with his car

Michael Schumacher is very concerned about the 2011 season after a very difficult return to f1 after three-year retirement. 2010 was the only season in his record- setting career where he didn’t visited the podium for once.
He told Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport that he is expecting a better 2011. “We are clearly in a better situation now because of the immense support from Mercedes,”
“But we cannot presume to think that we will be fighting for the championship. We will make a big leap forward and -€“ if all goes well -€“ win races,” insisted the 41-year-old German.
Schumacher revealed that there were often more problems with his W01 car this year, problems were like, the car floor was burned because of the exhaust being too hot, or the F-duct working in places where it should not. Also added that his teammate and him were five degrees apart on the front wing. In formula one, that’s a world. At Spa F-duct didn’t work, but Michael didn’t say anything. At Suzuka it happened again and again not with Nico’s car.
He acknowledges that his age and his retirement also played a role in his 2010 struggle.
“I was away for three years, and I’m no longer 25. The car was a compromise. With the tyre, it was difficult for me to drive how I wanted to,” said Schumacher.


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