Mercedes staying in f1 for long term

Mercedes GP’s 2010 season was below the expectations.
The Stuttgart marque took over from 2009 reigning champions Brawn gp at the end of last season, also it welcomed the return of 7 time world champion Michael Schumacher. But the seven time title winner failed to score even a single podium, and the team finished fourth in
Mid way through the 2010 season team switched focus to 2011. so that made some doubtful suggestions of Mercedes’ ongoing
commitment, but the team said that there should be no speculation about Mercedes gp’s f1 participation.
Also team said,
“We don’t want to be deciding each year whether we are in or out. And we didn’t sign a one- year contract with Michael Schumacher, we signed for three years,”
“and team is not disappointed with Schumacher’s performance after a three-year retirement. “It is very difficult to put in an impressive performance with a less competitive car. First we have to give him the car to show us his capabilities. But, yes, the expectations are really high in 2011 from the formula one’s most successful driver.” Mercedes says, they are staying here for the long term.


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