What are Blown Diffusers?

This season in formula one teams brought another technology with effective results, that is Blown Diffusers.
So, What are Blown Diffusers?
In simple words it is a easiest way of using the exhaust gases, which generates from engine, to work with the diffuser, which basically sits at the back of the car at the end of lower end of car.
This system of using exhaust gases increases the efficiency of the rear aerodynamics with accelerating the air flow passing through it. As formula one cars want maximum downforce and most of the drivers have seen confident with the cars having more rear downforce. The normal diffuser creates low pressure but the blown diffusers creates much lower pressure by blowing all hot exhaust gases at the end of rear floor of the car, and which proves the physics by creating highest downforce.
Remember, the pressure under a floor of the car is inversely proportional to the downforce.
Actually, blown diffusers are not a new technology in formula one as 1980s Renault developed and used a similar kind, then followed by Williams and became common but unused technic since 1985.


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