Formula One needs more overtaking

What we saw in 2010 season finale was a spectacular Yas Marina circuit, tickets sold out a week before, high profile glamorour weekend in the World, and Sebastian Vettel winning the World Championship. But all pundits of formula one, including FIA president Jean Todt, were critical on Yas Marina circuit because Fernando Alonso was unable to pass Renault’s Vitaly Petrov while another title contender Lewis Hamilton could not overtake Robert Kubica, and all this because of circuit lacking in overtaking. As Alonso lost position in wrong pit stop strategy to cover Mark Webber and Lewis who was on fresh tyres and was 2 seconds faster than Kubica and yet he failed to pass.
Jean Todt had his say later weekend that,
“From now on, before a new circuit is approved, we will evaluate the potential for the spectacle as well as the safety.”
Jean Todt simply vowed to push hard to improve the spectacle of overtaking in formula one, and for this there is need to encourage more overtaking and in Abu Dhabi it was impossible.


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  1. andy j

    I do agree that there needs to be more overtaking ,but the Renalt had more grunt out of the corners (?) So isn’t that part of the game? Different cars, Different atributes? Or am I missing sometihing.

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