Force India to pay Van Der Garde $2 millon

Force India lost a legal battle with Giedo van der Garde as the Dutch driver won a $2 million refund because, when the team was known as Spyker in 2007, he was a test driver with the team and did only 2270 of the 6000 kilometres of testing that he was contractually promised. The court has agreed and ordered that Force India must pay van der Garde $1.865 million.
van der Garde’s manager Jeroen Schothorst said the court ruling to the team could help in his talks with Force India about a race seat in 2011, which I dont think will become a hot talking topic as Force India already has some popular F1 names for their 2011 season seats.



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3 responses to “Force India to pay Van Der Garde $2 millon

  1. ankit

    Force india wont give him a race seat, bt y force india has indulged in money pay sagas?

  2. ram

    @ankit, Yes, who is he?

  3. ram

    if he can bring glamour then seat is for him

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