HRT relying on Pay Drivers for 2011

With an investment from Juan Villalonga and an attractive
Toyota-designed car with Williams gearbox was, yes, this is good enough to vye sponcers for the team.
But Toyota just announced termination of tecnical tie-up deal with HRT due to reportedly late payments from them, and this means Hispania will separately build a new car for 2011. And team owner Jose Ramon Carabante has now admitted that HRT will again be relying on pay-drivers.
This year HRT had a budget of about 45 million and for next year team wants have between 55 to 65 million euros at least. For example Ferrari has a whooping 400 million each season.”
But problem is not money only, even the location of HRT’s headquarters for 2011 is not decided and they are still in talks of some offers from Madrid and Barcelona. Also team wants to have a logistics centre in the Europe.
HRT has a clear view for their 2011 driver seat, a pay driver. To match the budget of formula 1 season team needs money and having pay driver meams having their sponcers too. Just like what we saw this season, Karun Chandhok was a pay driver and despite giving best results for the team, finished fourteenth twice, was got replaced by Sakon Yamamoto, who brought heavy sponcers with him.
This is a good chance for those drivers who have sponcers with them but no formula 1 seat. Surely, HRT will give seats to them who will bring more money for the team.


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One response to “HRT relying on Pay Drivers for 2011

  1. ram manera

    Hrt has struggld to find out sponcers and dont think its bad of having paid drivers, and teams gaining advantage of their sponcer money, new teams are always looked as opportunity to enter f1 and then to stay with switching

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