Hamilton dosen’t want to drive Red Bull

Lewis Hamilton says he is not tempted to switch to the energy drink- owned team. There is not one bit of me that feels I will ever want to drive for Red Bull. Reason for this is he feels Red Bull doesn’t have the history as that of current team Mclaren. And he admits that Mclaren is his first choice will always be, and wish to drive for the team for atleast next 10 years.
Lewis is inspired by his hero Ayrton Senna, who had also drove for the Mclaren, and so he always wanted to be part of this team.
Hamilton has finished 2010 season in fourth place behind both the Red Bull drivers and his former Mclaren team mate Fernando Alonso.



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2 responses to “Hamilton dosen’t want to drive Red Bull

  1. patriciaf1

    he is with mclaren, so y would he will switch himself to a team which has just won a world championships, mclaren is far better as a long term option

  2. ankit

    we had brawn gp last year with incredible kers usage, this year it is red bull with superb use of regulations, lewis is right, he must be thinking of long career

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