Sebastian Vettel – New F1 World Champion

Sebastian Vettel


Sebastian Vettel cried into his radio in Abu Dhabi on Sunday as he crossed the finish line and became F1’s youngest ever world champion. The 23 year old German, who had entered the race as the underdog, behind Alonso and Webber and dogged all suggestions that he should move over and let his teammate pass, is now leading the standings for the first time in his career.

Vettel started the race on pole and won commandingly, as Ferrari got in wrong strategy and then held up by brilliant driving of Russian Vitaly Petrov. Alonso was frustruted with Petrov as even after chequered flag he got some gestures of anger for Petrov, but then he said “he drove very well”
Alonso also congratulated new World Champion.
Third title contender Mark Webber finished 8th, behind Alonso, and 3rd in driver’s championship.

But, overall this season all teams and drivers had ups and downs, we saw four way battle for the championship. This season is the best in formula 1 history.


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