Lotus to switch to iconic Black & Gold livery for 2011

Lotus Racing to switch from its green and yellow livery to an equally-iconic black and gold for 2011 season. The reason to move is Group Lotus intends to enter F1 next year and use the traditional green and yellow colours.

The black and gold livery was made famous by the original Team Lotus in the 70s and 80s, when sponsor Imperial Tobacco advertised its John Player Special brand.
The 2011 Lotus car will have a Renault engine and will use gearbox and hydraulic system supplied by Red Bull.
The team have also announced they will revive the “Team Lotus” name in 2011, but are presently in dispute with Group Lotus parent company Proton over their right to do so.



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3 responses to “Lotus to switch to iconic Black & Gold livery for 2011

  1. Ankit

    thats gud news, will b nice to see how they will manage ’emselves to the iconic brand name

  2. Suman

    They have been better than al the new teams, atleast were trying to make it to Q2 during qualifying, bt not happy with their 0 points tally, hope for the best in 2011

  3. patriciaf1

    @suman, its been a gud yr for ’em, it wasnt that much bad, they showd wht lotus is al about

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