F1 struggling to find agreement over 2013 engine formula

Renault and Cosworth had wrote a letter to FIA to find an agreement over new engine formula for 2013. FIA is pushing hard for turbocharged 4 cylinder engines with exhaust-heat KERS capabilities to replace the current normally-aspirated V8s, and aiming to rubber-stamp the rules at the World Motor Sport Council.

But engine makers and suppliers are concerned about initial costs and then a development arms race. For this reason all Renault and Cosworth powered teams signed a letter to FIA pointing out weaknesses of proposed new rules. They want tight limits on things including minimum weights for pistons and conrods and the entire engine unit.

Here are media quotes of Cosworth and Renault persons,
“If the new engine formula becomes an arms race in turbochargers and cylinder heads, then an independent engine manufacturer will have no chance,” said Cosworth’s Mark Gallagher. Renault team boss Eric Boullier said the French supplier will support new rules “within certain cost limits”. “Our market in production cars is for four cylinders with a hybrid. For that reason we are not unhappy with that engine format (for F1). “But it is about how the rules are defined. The less clear they are, the more expensive it becomes,” he insisted. It is hoped that a cost-effective and modern engine formula might entice new suppliers, including the recently departed Honda and Toyota, into F1.


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