Vettel should take back seat to Webber

sebastian vettel

Sebastian Vettel should accept supportive role for Red Bull’s 2010 title chances.
But Red Bull’s team boss Christian Horner is insisting to support both the drivers equally for remaining two races, and that “in line with Red Bull’s credible sporting ethos”.

When we look at Ferarri, Alonso, who is leading championship chase with 11 points to Webber, has been backed by teammate Massa. And here, somehow, Red Bull’s policy of backing both the drivers looks like a shortest way to failure.
If Red Bull don’t support one driver they may will end this season with no title.
Vettel still in position to win the title, but Webber has a better position to win the title and needs to have support.
Being in supportive role with so close chasing will only frustrate Vettel.



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3 responses to “Vettel should take back seat to Webber

  1. RamManera

    I dont think vettel should back down, anythng cn happen, horner knws thy r on 8th engine and if 1 drivr get out other has to b thr, bt I doubt that he is chasing constructors title

  2. Ankit

    vettel should back down, if red bull wants to hv thr 1st title thy should back 1 driver, n webber is bettr to back than vettel

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