Massa and Alonso to start equally in 2011

Ferarri Teammates

Even if Alonso wins the 2010 championship, his teammate Felipe Massa will not be given a full-time supportive role next year.

Massa is playing a supportive role to Alonso’s title chase even before his title chances were over.

Domenicali said Ferrari drivers race primarily in the interests of the team. “Our drivers have to know what is in the interest of the team,” “I trust him completely and want to make clear that he is a great team player and a great driver,” said Domenicali.
“I think that when you do not have a perfect season, you have to look at yourself and react. Felipe knows that the team is with him. He knows we are here to make him the best driver he can be.”



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3 responses to “Massa and Alonso to start equally in 2011

  1. rambabu

    so, finally happy that thr wil nt b team orders in 2011, n we wil get sum compititive racing action, go go go

  2. Samuelf1

    good to hear this, bt then y was massa blaming for tyres all year long? bt I doubt he will again be playing subordinate role

  3. Ankit

    ys, massa dservs the equality,bt I hope ferarri not making hm another barichello, coz if alonso leads thy wil surely ask massa to b no 2

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