Heidfeld saying ‘NO’ to Slow Teams

Nick Heidfeld has ruled out turning to a “slow team” to save his formula one career for 2011.

The German who started this season as a test driver with Sauber and then came in for racing action, will lose his seat at end of this season, And is hoping to get seat with either Renault or Force India.

“Yes, there have been talks for a long time. And it looks good,” he is quoted by Switzerland’s Blick. “I am definitely not going to go to a slow team in 2011,” added the German.

Though he insisted that he is not mentioning names of teams, but it was clear that he was mentioning Lotus, HRT and Virgin.



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3 responses to “Heidfeld saying ‘NO’ to Slow Teams

  1. rambabu

    it wil b nice if he joins force india, he probably hav more speed than liuzzi, lets see

  2. racingfreak

    yes, he should go to renault, but seems like they didnt have seat open, and surely force india is not good but not bad option

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