Webber wanting to take out Alonso???

Berger - former co-owner of red bull's second team Toro Rosso

Gerhard Berger has accused Mark Webber of wanting to take out a championship rival Alonso after crashing in Korean gp.
Webber, who was leading the championship by 14 points, spun on a wet kerb and struck the wall.
But his Red Bull then rolled back across the circuit, collecting the Mercedes of Nico Rosberg.
“I don’t understand why Webber didn’t hit the brakes,” said Rosberg. “It was crazy to roll back across the track like that.”
Former grand prix winner Berger said on Monday: “He could have hit the brakes and stopped the car at the wall.
“He took out Rosberg, but it was the wrong one. I think in his mind he would have preferred Alonso or Hamilton,” the former Ferrari and McLaren driver told Austrian Servus TV.
Asked to clarify whether he thinks Webber’s move was deliberate, Berger – a former co-owner of the second Red Bull team Toro Rosso – added: “Yes, I think that’s very clear.”
“He goes off and he knows it’s over. In this moment you’re frustrated and a thousand thoughts go through your head.”
“It’s very obvious, you can see his wheels are not locked up. Perhaps he had a brake problem, but I don’t think so.”



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7 responses to “Webber wanting to take out Alonso???

  1. hiral

    yes…its true, even nico was crying about this, y dint webber hit the breaks….?

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  3. Samantha

    Ohh, dont believe this, but y he wantd dis? Only 4 championship? Dont think so, berger, he must hv tried

  4. Ankit

    infact, roseberg was shouting y mark dint hit the breaks? Amazing to c mark doing dis, but it was alonso who got lucky escape

  5. gpaddict

    If its true, webber surely faild to deliver in pressure, this is high time for redbull to back 1 driver

  6. gpaddict

    bad boy image, surely wont see with webber tag, come on aussie grit, dont play spoil sport

  7. rambabu

    so, we hv a bad boys team in f1.. Gr8, vettel and webber, they must hv racing to b no 1, webber is nice, he wont do dis

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