Hamilton wants to have button’s support for title…

Lewis Hamilton has admitted that it would be fantastic to have teammate’s support in his quest to win drivers’ title in 2010.

Fellow McLaren driver Jenson Button is the reigning world champion, but with a bad race in Korea has 42 points with just two races to go.
Hamilton is 21 points off Fernando Alonso’s lead, and thinks the time is high for Button to play a Felipe Massa-
like supportive role for the rest of the season.
McLaren, however, operates a strict policy of driver equality, even though
boss Martin Whitmarsh said before leaving Korea that a team strategy will be discussed internally “before we get to Brazil”.
When asked about his and Button’s approach with now just the Interlagos and Abu Dhabi rounds to go, Hamilton said:
“We both push as hard as we can to score as many points as we can for the team.”
“Clearly we’re both far behind, him further than me. I’m 21 points behind, so I’ve got to get a lot of points.”
“I don’t know what will happen. You will have to speak to Martin on what he thinks he will have to do.”
“All I know is I have to get as high as possible and it would be fantastic to have Jenson with me,” added the Briton.
Button said in Korea that he will only voluntarily fall in line behind Hamilton when he is “mathematically” no longer in the hunt. He also said he is confident he “won’t be asked” to support Hamilton until then.
“Lewis is still very much in the hunt. Mathematically, it’s not impossible for Jenson, but it looks quite tough, very difficult for him,” said Whitmarsh.



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4 responses to “Hamilton wants to have button’s support for title…

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  2. Someshf1

    Jenson is surely out of title hunt, bt might b his mind not in state of role of support, he is raigning champion

  3. Samantha

    I think its gud to play supportive role for ur teammate, but question is wht if hamilton fails?

  4. Ankit

    If they want they wil impose, and seems lyk jenson wil hv to bow down for hamilton

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