Alonso wins inaugural Korean GP

Fernando Alonso won inaugural Korean grand prix gaining lead in championship title race as both Red Bull cars lose on ground.

winner of Korean GP

Alonso started race in third place and after race start behind the safety car both Red Bulls started gaining lap time gaps and it was clear that Alonso would finish the race in third place. But Red Bull of Webber crashed in lap 19 giving Alonso a second place.
Alonso, then, started putting pressure on race leader Vettel behind several safety car deployments. Third place runner, Hamilton got pass Alonso when he lose time in pit stop due to jammed front wheel, but he gained that position soon as Hamilton misjudged corner speed and ran wide.
Then in lap 47, Vettel’s Red Bull suffered engine failure putting Alonso up in first place. From there Alonso easily got lead over Hamilton and claim much needed victory in the inaugural Korean grand prix.
Alonso now has 231 points and has 11 points lead over Webber with 220 points, Hamilton got third place with 210 points passing Vettel at 206 points.



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4 responses to “Alonso wins inaugural Korean GP

  1. Hiral

    fantastic win, though its red bull losing engine battle, but alonso was calm and continueosly puttin car behind vettel, that was good

  2. Someshf1

    yes, ferarri back on track, alonso luking strong for 3rd title

  3. samantha

    alonso looking good for his third title…will be gr8 to see him, but hope renault will provide good engines to red bull, what a blow for them…though renault has apologized to red bull

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