Why Karun Chandhok is not with Force India?

Karun chandhok is the second indian driver to compete in formula 1, though, he is paid driver in hispania racing team. Vijay Mallya says he wants to see an Indian driver racing for his team Force India– but only one that can fight with the front runners.

“It is very important to have an Indian driver. I would love it. I’m not a fool and can see the enormous publicity potential which would come from it. The downside at the moment is that there is not one Indian pilot who has the potential to battle the best on the track.”
But rumours persist, Dr. Mallya does not want Karun Chandhok because he would become the star in india and which could result in low popularity of the team in India.



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3 responses to “Why Karun Chandhok is not with Force India?

  1. cooperf1

    if he is bringing lot of money thn any1 can offer him a seat, specially new teams. Bt he has faild to impress or show his pace.. n mally is a business man, he is here for money n the f1 glamour, dont think he wil like chandhok getting al the praise

  2. ankit

    its ridiculous to not hv indian driver wid f.india, I always hoped for dis moment

  3. manish

    wait n c, if other teams gv a chance to indian drivers thn y cnt mallya?
    If he needs money or sponcers thn karun has got plenty man, u shud gv hm a chance, thn luk at ur PR

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