Africa Have To Wait For Formula 1

FIA president Jean Todt has stated he cannot see Africa playing host
to a Formula One grand prix in the next five years. F1 supremo Bernie
Ecclestone claimed earlier in the summer that he felt South Africa
could be in a position to host a race inside three years, but Todt
doesnot believe it is viable.”At the moment it’s only some rumours
about some interest forsome countries in Africa to organise a Formula
One event but I don’t see any opportunity in the next three to five
years,” Todt said.

FIA President

The former Ferrari boss made his claim during a visit to Kenya and he feels Africa is well suited to hosting a round of the World Rally Championship.”Africa is a fantastic field to organise road racing,” Todt said.
“It could either be WRC or even the Cross Country.”We are talking with
promoters over the possibility to have long-stage rallies incorporated
and we are looking at different opportunities to get the best solution
from Africa, Europe, Asia and all over the world.



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3 responses to “Africa Have To Wait For Formula 1

  1. Ankit

    ohh, bad luck africa, and true they wil b better to host wrc, as they hv gud conditins fr rally

  2. samantha

    dont knw y, bt if u r adding so many circuits to f1 lists, u must b minusing few, jus rusia is new, whch other wil get chop?

  3. shardul

    africa?? Wild adventures of f1??

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