Kamui Kobayashi’s raw pace

Kamui kobayashi, a GP2 asia series winner and seventeenth in main GP2 series with one podium finish, is famous for his raw pace and that is what make him stand differently.
In 2010 formula 1 season he is racing for BMW sauber and raced in all sixteen races but managed to finish only eight races with highest of sixth position. Has managed only once to enter Q3 in qualifying but didnt converted into big. Scored all the points with upgrades in car.

Kobayashi was lucky to survive an early clumsy challenge on Jaime Alguersuari at the hairpin that could have taken them both out of the race, could have knocked his front wing off, or given him a puncture. As it was, he made up a place, but thanks to the Gods of motor racing and not due to any great skill.

After that, he got a taste for diving late into the hairpin and got a lot better at it. And what a thriller it must have been for the Japanese fans in the grandstands there. He must have accounted for half the overtaking moves of the race as he dispatched Sutil, Barrichello and Alguersuari for the second time. Heidfeld let him through.

In japanese grand prix we saw his raw pace again. Where he started fourteenth on the grid and finished seventh, which was quite nice in front of home crowd. He somehow avoided first lap drama and then began to charge very late in the race with late pit stop strategy. We now hope that kamui gets better results in last three races.


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