Porsche To Return To F1??

Porsche is looking out option of evaluating formula 1 return, may be in 2013, revealed by its new chairman Matthias Mueller at the Paris Motor Show on Friday to autocar.
Mueller said, his company is looking to enter on strong note in motorsports with both Porsche and Audi through its tie-up with the Volkswagen Group. He also added that, either Porsche or Audi to have an LMP1 car in the future – while the other brand would then enter F1.
Audi has competed in the Le Mans since 1999 and is working on a new car – the R18 – for 2011, whereas Porsche ended its factory sportscar programme in 1998, and will be entering F1 for the first time since exit in 1991.
Porsche’s entry to F1 would most likely be as an engine supplier, rather than having a whole team. It would also make most sense for the company to enter the sport in 2013, when all-new engine regulations are set to be introduced.
Mueller said, “there are two classes and two brands – Audi and Porsche. We do not like to both go into LMP1 against each other.”



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2 responses to “Porsche To Return To F1??

  1. ram

    porsche will be a good option rather than all those cosworth running teams.

  2. ankit

    @ram agree but williams is running on cosworth engines and they are ahead of force india, but sure porsche will bring european flavour

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