Singapore GP – Top performing drivers

Fernando alonso drove a brilliant race. And it’s time for red bull to get afraid of his pace as they even couldn’t catch him. He was errorless and put pressure on opponent all the racing time.
Robert kubica was man of overtaking moves as he got involved in series of overtaking moves, which is quiet brilliant on singapore gp track.
First time in this season sebastian vettel drove brilliantly, without risking his opponents and himself a place or points. We saw a calm and lesser aggressive sebastian vettel.
Mark webber was lucky to escape stewards penalty, but he could have averted lewis hamilton’s race retirement by losing a place, but at the end he hit back of his car when hamilton was overtaking him. Part of race.
Jenson button, as always, got a great start. Did not managed to podium but good handling of tyre management gamble. Circuit required high downforce.
Christian klien was happy to fill sick yamamoto’s seat. And, was in the shadow of karun chandhok’s performance, but managed to show his place in formula 1, and deserves a seat somewhere.


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