Schumi To Retire???

F1 rumours are that Michael Schumacher is to take his second retirement after this season. If remours to believed Schumi is planning retirement due to high criticism getting from F1.
The seven-times World Champion made his comeback with Mercedes GP after being seated away from formula 1 racing. This season he has struggled to make impact what he is known for, but right from the start of the season Schumi said he is concentrating on next years title, he blamed the car for not preforming to his expectations.
But if Mercedes-Benz gp drops him for the next season, they will prove that it was mistake to call him back.
who will replace schumi?
Talks are of another German is in hunt to fill his place, Adrain Sutil who is currently linked with Force India Mercedes and his contract is set to end after this season.
When asked to schumi, he said “I am confident of next year, and we are working to get better performing car for 2011, this year hasn’t worked for me as expected, car and some strategies do blamed for this, we hope for better season in 2011”
Where Ross brown stated’ “yes, we are keen on 2011 car progress, also we have got team to work out pirelli’s tyre issues, we have got better car for next year,but we are not building car around schumi,car will be for team.”
Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Vice-President Norbert Haug has already said that he want Michael with his team.


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