Great Title Showdown

Formula 1 is witnessing great title showdown this season. As just 5 races to end this season, we have 5 drivers – Mark Webber, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso, who are chasing championship  title for 2010. This means huge pressure on top teams to go ahead in championship race, we all will get to see different strategies with all the drivers.

Three world champions- Alonso, Hamilton and Jenson are not giving up on title, as two Red bull drivers are well placed in race for the title.

Whatever happens, whoever wins, we all are getting a chance to witness the best season in history of formula 1 with five contenders for the title. One mistake and it is done for the driver, and they all know this, hope to see some superb racing ahead in five races left for the season.



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2 responses to “Great Title Showdown

  1. this season has got all the dramas for f1, last 5 races will add sum more

  2. Ankit

    yes, former champs are backing vettel for the title, bt I feel hamilton wil push hard

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