Kimi making bid for F1 2011

Kimi Rikkonen is making fresh bid to return to formula 1 next year, as he has approached to renault f1 team.

Raikkonen who is currently driving in World Rally Championship has expressed his view to make come back in F1 with french manufacturer  Renault. He left F1 last year saying he will only drive in formula 1 only if he gets a competitive car, which now, Renault can provide him.but, Renault is not advancing talks right now, as they have Russian rookie Vitaly Petrov, who is proving his credentials in formula 1. But, for Formula 1 team, it has been clear for years that, its always easy to build car with one experience and one new driver, to support to main,. but it has always been difficult for the teams to make and build car with two experience drivers on the grid. And, having two experience drivers like kubica and kimi will make renault’s job difficult as they know the credentials of kimi raikkonen.  two experience drivers means two different strategies for the team to do.

Kimi is keen on returming to F1, as, though he is driving in WRC, he is in talks all the year for his F1 comeback.


Kimi Raikkonen

is expected to take driver line-up decision before the end of this season



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3 responses to “Kimi making bid for F1 2011

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  2. hiral

    kimi’s return will be gud, but dat means petrov has to lose seat, and petrov is proving his honesty

  3. ankit

    Kimi is gud, we hope he makes come back

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